Cremation Cost

Our professional service fee for a simple direct cremation service is $1,600.00

Low cost direct cremation service fee includes the following services:

Transfer from the place of death to our funeral establishment.

Basic services of the funeral director and staff including: 24-hour availability, the arrangement conference, securing the original death certificate, obtaining the attending physician’s signature, filing the original death certificate with the local registrar and obtaining certified copies of the death certificate on your behalf, preparing and filing all necessary documents with other interested parties, and providing shelter for the remains until the transfer to the crematory.

Transportation to the crematory.

Also Required:

Fiberboard Alternative Cremation Container-   $150.00
(A traditional casket is NOT REQUIRED for cremation)

An Alternative Cremation Container meeting certain standards may be provided by the purchaser in lieu of purchasing a Fiberboard Alternative Container.

* "Cash Advance" items are not included in our $1,600.00 basic direct cremation fee. Cash advances are third party charges, we do not profit on their sale, and their amount does not vary among local funeral homes.  Typical cash advance items that are associated with a direct cremation service include: crematory fees (for the actual cremation - $360.00)  Certified death certificates are also cash advance items, they typically cost ten dollars per certified copy in New York State.   

**  Deaths outside of our immediate area (30 MILES) will incur a slight additional transportation fee that is based on mileage. We will provide an exact price quotation prior to providing any service to you and your family. Simply call 315-783-3953 at any time for additional information.